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Model Railroads + Computers

I always wanted to combine the two. Now, with the Raspberry Pi and an N-scale train layout, it's much more affordable and doable.

Click here to see the details about buying and setting up the RasPi and its expansion boards, using it to control the layout, and all sorts of down-and-dirty details about "making it happen" in the world of Raspberry Pi and N-scale railroading.

Sausage Making fun, simple, and edible. Who could ask for more? Herein lie the major portions of the former website.

Click here to see the details about safely making your own tasty sausages.

My favorite recipes: ...coming "Real Soon Now."

Atrial Fibrillation References

No, I'm not an MD. I'm a PhD chemical engineer. ...and now, I'm a cardiology patient.

I recently was diagnosed with A-Fib (atrial fibrillation), and went through a number of visits with cardiologists, and tests. These guys are very knowledgeable, but not very communicative. That's not good enough for me. Therefore, I've searched the internet for quality information from reputable sources.

There's a lot of medical misinformation out there, especially in this time of COVID , so watch out! Go with people who know what the devil they're talking about. Here's a list of A-Fib info that I've run across that contains what appear to be from reputable sources. It is by no means exhaustive, but I've found it useful. Sure, root around on the internet too, but remember the recent advice about ivermectin, "You are not a horse; you are not a cow." Don't get suckered in by misinformation. (By the way, Ivermectin treats parasites, NOT virus.)

We're talkin' cardiology here. Like many topics in the field of medicine, misinformation can kill you if you screw up! Take my advice and get professional cardiology help. Then, if you're interested in learning more, start with the references listed here to better understand the cardiologists' guidance.